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Sensors for Orora glass furnace rebuild
Wednesday 13 March 2013

Pyrosales is the main supplier of temperature sensors for manufacturers of container glass in Australia. Amcor Ltd and Owens-Illinois Inc. are the two major manufactures...

temperature controller
Tuesday 12 March 2013

Dennis Ceroni has been with Pyrosales for 12 months, coming to us from Bluescope Steel. He replaces Richard Anderson as Pyrosales’ RKC® technician. Dennis has...

RKC controller with build in SSR
Thursday 11 October 2012

RKC have recently launched the SB1 series, which is a single-channel temperature controller with built-in solid state relay (SSR). The unit will do type K and J...

Money Saving Solution
Thursday 11 October 2012

DA.MET Sales Pty Ltd, a marine and diesel engine repairs and servicing company, has been a customer of Pyrosales for a number of years. They...