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Furnaces, Kilns and Ovens

Energy expenses continue to rise, so it is critical to maintain the control of temperature in furnaces, kilns and ovens to minimise energy consumption, costs and, pollution emission. Infrared thermal temperature controls provide an optimum solution to monitoring the extreme conditions in high heat equipment.

Furnaces and kilns often present harsh conditions, with high temperatures and demanding environments, requiring the use of specialised temperature sensors, such as thermocouples or RTDs. This, combined with the correct digital temperature controller, will ensure that the most effective control is implemented.


There are numerous options when it comes to selecting the correct thermocouple and most appropriate thermowell or protection sheath. This is dependent on the operating temperature the instruments must withstand. Platinum-based thermocouples (Type R, S and B) are essential for use in high temperature processes above 1250°C. For temperatures below 1250°C, the use of high cost platinum-based thermocouples can be avoided in some cases by utilising a designed thermocouple system using Nicrobell® or equivalent sheathed type N mineral-insulated thermocouples.

In lower temperature environments, such as some ovens, it may be appropriate to use an RTD if the temperature is not going to exceed 600°C. A digital temperature controller provides precise monitoring of the environment to ensure you have complete control of the temperature.

Infrared Thermal Imaging and Infrared Sensors

Thermal Imaging Cameras are an effective way of checking the integrity and insulation of any furnace, oven or kiln, by inspecting the exterior while the oven is in use. If the environments do not allow contact temperature measurement, the use of iInfrared thermal temperature gauges and thermometers may be the most appropriate solution to ensure an accurate measurement.

Thermowells/Thermocouple Protection Sheaths


For thermocouples to perform successfully and survive the harsh environments present in high temperature applications, it is necessary to install the thermocouple in a thermowell or a protection sheath.

Metal thermowells or sheaths can be used up to 1200°C, however, they need to be carefully selected. Factors to consider include atmosphere and chemical composition of the process medium. Materials such as 310SS, Inconel, 446SS, and 253MA, as well as many other more exotic metals are all available to provide the most appropriate interface.

Higher temperatures require ceramic protection sheaths. There are a various options available, such as Alumina, Hexaloy SA®, Metal Ceramic, Silicon Nitride, Silicon Carbide, Zirconai or Sialon. Pyrosales’ engineers have over 30 years’ experience producing specialised infrared thermal temperature sensors and digital temperature controllers for high temperature applications. We can design and supply the most effective temperature and process control equipment for furnaces, ovens, kilns and other extreme heat applications.

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