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About Pyrosales

About Pyrosales

Pyrosales is one of Australia’s longest established and largest manufacturers of precision temperature, level and flow measurement gauges, sensors and instrumentation, as well as calibration devices. The company has developed a reputable position in Australia and internationally as a leading provider of specialist design, manufacture and repair services, especially in applications involving extreme heat conditions.

Proudly Australian-owned, Pyrosales has operations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as in South America, China and the United States. The company remains a leading exporter of temperature sensors to Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, China, Belgium, Germany, Malaysia, Zambia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and South America.

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Our Staff

The staff at Pyrosales possess extensive knowledge and skills which has allowed the company to service some of the world’s leading companies across a wide range of industries.

Behind an extensive product offering, including digital temperature controller systems, gauges, level sensing elements, thermocouplesprobe temperature sensor instrumentation, is a highly skilled and dedicated team that keeps Pyrosales at the forefront of precision instrument development.

Industries Served

The high level of expertise of Pyrosales’ staff and management allow the company to provide a wide range of precision temperature measurement and process control instrumentation to a variety of industries, including:


Pyrosales Pty Ltd have been assessed and approved by QAS International Ltd to the following quality management systems, standards and guidelines. We continue to hold this certification by maintaining our work and quality practices

For more information on Pyrosales’ capabilities or products, such as digital temperature controller units and temperature gauges, repairs, or any of our other services, please contact us online or call the nearest Pyrosales office.

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