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Civil Construction

Civil Construction

In a modern city there are numerous services that provide the infrastructure necessary for us to live comfortably. Many of these services we take for granted, however, a great deal of detailed civil design has been done to provide us with the conveniences of modern life.

Gas, water, electricity, sewerage, storm water, roads and tunnels are services we use but seldom think about until something goes wrong. Management of these services rely on dependable and accurate monitoring instruments to ensure these services are installed correctly and are effectively maintained.

Many of these services require concrete structures, and it is critical that the concrete cures at the correct temperature over a specified period of time. This ensures structural integrity. Pyrosales has had extensive experience in servicing this industry with the use of data logging equipment and specially designed temperature sensors, providing the quality information required.

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Infrared Thermal Imaging

In many applications, the ability to view the thermal profile of equipment provides valuable information, allowing for effective maintenance. Infrared thermal imaging becomes an invaluable tool in providing this important maintenance, allowing these services to operate seamlessly.

From power distribution monitoring to gas leak detection, infrared thermal imaging has been able to provide important information that allows these services to be maintained to stringent safety standards.

For any further information about Pyrosales work in civil construction, or the advantages of products like infrared thermal imaging, please contact us online or call the nearest Pyrosales office.

Many of these applications require sensors to monitor temperature, pressure, level or flow parameters, to ensure that the public is provided with these ongoing services. Specialised fibre optic sensors are now used to provide continuous temperature measurement over long distances. They have become important measuring devices in electrical cable installations and in the monitoring of temperature in the many tunnels that are commonplace.

Pyrosales specialises in primary sensing element manufacture that provides the necessary information to measure and control these parameters.

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