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Pyrosales is the leading supplier of temperature measurement sensors to the container glass industry in Australia. We have enjoyed long-standing relationships with product leaders such as Amcor Ltd and Owens-Illinois due to our high quality products and diligent customer service.

Temperature readings in glass manufacture must be precise and accurate, which can be achieved through infrared thermal imaging equipment as well as thermocouples. Furnaces used in the manufacture of container glass can reach as high as 1575°C. Platinum-based thermocouples are used to measure the furnace atmosphere, the glass within the furnace, and its molten state moving through the fore hearth before being shaped into the intended container.

Bottles and jars for the food and beverage and medical science industries are made in this way. The process is complicated with extremely accurate digital temperature controller systems in place to ensure that process control is not compromised in anyway.

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Looking For a Solution?

Pyrosales has been involved in the glass industry for decades and has earned a position of trust with its clients, enjoying long-standing repeat business for precision equipment such as infrared thermal imaging and temperature thermocouples.

Given the intense heat of the furnace, other measurement devices such as probe temperature sensors and infrared thermal imaging cannot be used as they will either provide inaccurate results or be destroyed in the process. Given the extreme conditions in glass making, we recommend consulting with our staff to make sure you get the right temperature sensor and sheath for your glass applications.

For any further information on Pyrosales capabilities in the glass industry, or our extreme temperature thermocouple and RTD units or digital temperature controllers.