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Pyrosales has developed a strong reputation as a dependable provider of quality temperature measurement products and complementary accessories. Our products are tested to Australian Standards ISO9001:15 certification also International 3C Compulsory Product Certification.

Pyrosales are specialists in manufacturing products for use in extreme temperature processes and our longevity in the industry means we have an understanding across numerous manufacturing and production industries. We have a reputation throughout Australia and internationally as experts in producing precision temperature gauging equipment, such as infrared thermal imaging, thermocouples related products along with high quality accessories, such as thermowells, fittings and connectors.

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Pyrosales is a leading manufacture of temperature solutions and sensors. We custom design and engineer to suit your requirements. We service a wide range of industries and applications.

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Pyrosales provide prefabricated
instruments, custom made designs and measurements solutions, emergency repairs, servicing and industry consultation.

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Pyrosales is a provider of precision temperature gauges and instrumentation, we are especially focused on applications involving high temperatures, as those required in metal, glass, smelting and furnace industries.