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The Plastics Industry covers a wide variety of processes. These processes rely heavily on accurate temperature measurement to allow production of the various forms of plastic materials that have become an integral part of our present lifestyle.

Typically, the raw materials are in granule form produced by the Petrochemical Industry. These granules are then used in extrusion and moulding processes to produce the varied products we use on a daily basis.

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Products Such As:

The list is almost endless.

Effective temperature measurement and control is essential to ensure the efficient and precise running of operations. Pyrosales offers a wide range of different temperature sensor probes, thermocouples, RTDs and digital temperature control instrumentation to provide dependable, accurate and continuous temperature measurement and monitoring solutions.

Temperature and melt pressure control is important in the production of many of these products. Pyrosales supplies a comprehensive range of instruments to ensure your process is running efficiently.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

A controlled heat-up process is indispensable in many cases. The use of infrared thermal imaging systems is a useful resource to monitor the process. It not only allows you to optimise your production process but also to realise cost savings on energy and materials.

Pyrosales provides a variety of infrared thermal imaging equipment and infrared sensors that can be used in various critical production stages of the process. Infrared thermal imaging can also be an invaluable maintenance tool, as it allows you to view the temperature profiles of the equipment being used and isolate potential problem areas.

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