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Metal Processing

Metal Processing

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Pyrosales And The Copper Industry – Case Study

Thermocouples and thermowells provide an excellent alternative for the copper industry. Pyrosales has enjoyed a long association with businesses in the copper industry, working largely at the Mt Isa Mines in Queensland. Mt Isa Mines were using disposable dip sensors to check the temperature of the copper matte every few hours. Not only was this inefficient, but it also did not provide a continuous reading. Our challenge was to improve the accuracy of temperature testing in the liquid copper bath. We solved this by developing custom thermocouple protective sheaths made from metal-ceramic (LT-1) to handle the extreme environment. The LT-1 also provides continuous readings during production and is monitored through a digital temperature controller.

Increase Efficiency With Pyrosales

Our consultants are experts in identifying ways industrial and commercial operations could perform at peak efficiency with temperature measurement and process control. Throughout the various metal industries, we have provided dependable solutions to improve efficiency and lower operational waste. Customers regularly return for assistance with other issues.

We have teams of experienced designers and engineers who are eager to solve new challenges in measurement and control processes. Many operations across Australia can benefit from our custom solutions and problem-solving abilities.

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