Frequently Asked Questions

+Are there any countries or locations you will not ship to?

No, there are no restrictions on delivery locations.

+Is there a minimum order on any product?


+Are you associated with NATA, does your instrumentation meet their accreditation standards?

Yes, we are associated with NATA. Items can be tested and calibrated by a NATA accredited facility where required.

+Do you have on-site calibration facilities at your locations?


+Can you send someone to calibrate my furnace or oven?

No, at this stage we do not have the capabilities to do on-site calibrations.

+I have an emergency with some of my instrumentation, but it is too large to transport. Can you send someone to my location to provide assistance?

Yes, in emergency situations a skilled Pyrosales’ engineer can attend your location to assess the situation and provide a solution.