Wave Industries Data Logging

The Hawk – Eye 800 technology offers both onsite and remote monitoring, control and data recording. Suitable for small to medium applications, it boasts 8 configurable analogue inputs, 4 derived inputs, tough IP65 enclosure, built in 10.6″ high colour, high resolution touch screen and perceptive software.

The Hawk – Eye 800 is offered in three variants that can also be made to your specifications, including:

  •  Hawk – Eye 800 Bronze Model: for monitoring, recording, alarming and reporting.
  •  Hawk – Eye 800 Silver Model: which also includes 2 PID and 2 On/Off Controllers.
  •  Hawk – Eye 800 Gold Model: which includes 4 PID controllers, 4 On/Off Controllers, and full PLC capability.

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