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Power Generation

The basic principle of power generation is the process of changing mechanical energy into electrical energy. Mechanical energy is obtained from heat energy (thermal power plants, gas power plants, etc.), wind (wind mills), water flow (hydro power plants) and solar power plants.

Pyrosales provides a range of flow control and temperature measurement apparatus for the power generation industry. Precision temperature measuring and monitoring equipment such as temperature thermocouples is needed to accurately control and monitor energy flow. An alternative to thermocouples include RTD sensors, which can provide a more accurate and repeatable measurement over time at lower temperatures. In addition, infrared thermal imaging may be used in predictive maintenance to identify hot spots and prevent costly power failures.


Currently, the most common power plants are thermal power plants which derive mechanical energy from heat energy. To control the process and efficiently produce electricity requires a large amount of instrumentation. Flow, level and temperature measurement are the key areas of process information that need to be monitored and controlled in thermal power plants.

Australia has a predominance of coal-fired power stations, and Pyrosales has provided many of these with temperature sensors. This includes thermocouples with thermowells that withstand high abrasion in measuring the pulverised coal, metal temperature thermocouples in the boiler, and special high pressure thermowells with their associated thermocouples in the steam temperature monitoring.

Infrared thermal imaging

Infrared Thermal Imaging can play an important role in both the monitoring of the plant and equipment. It is also used to monitor electrical circuits and connections, ensuring any hot spots are investigated and the plant is running safely.


Thermocouple or RTD?

RTD sensors can provide a more accurate measurement in a narrower field of low temperature measurement. However, RTD sensors are not suitable for applications that have high temperature or high vibration due to their fragile construction. Thermowell-protected temperature thermocouples provide a more robust measurement at higher temperatures and are a much better option.

MICC and Power Generation

MICC can be an invaluable safeguard for emergency systems and for cabling that is located near potential fire hazards or high temperature parts of power generation processes. Continuous high temperature environments accelerate the aging of conventional wiring systems over time, resulting in brittle insulation and premature failure. MICC MI wiring cables are constructed with inorganic, inert materials for greater system integrity.

For further information or advice on price and repeatable temperature, level and flow measurement instruments, please contact Pyrosales online or call the nearest Pyrosales office.