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Some of the more complex terms found on our website and catalogues.

Digital Temperature Controller : Device that provides continuous automated monitoring, reporting and maintaining of temperature in a particular process area. We supply reliable Japanese made RKC® devices.

Fire Survival Cable: copper-clad, mineral-insulated fire safety cable. Also known as ‘Pyro’ or ‘MI’ cable. Used to protect electrical wires in case of fire or extreme heat.

Infrared Thermal Imaging : Uses infrared imaging to measure variations in heat. Useful in low light situations or when measurement is required at distance.

Level Sensor: Device used in the measurement of substances that flow, such as liquid, grain, or powder.

Probe Temperature Sensor : Measurement device that take readings through direct contact with a process.

RTD: Resistance Temperature Detector or Resistance Thermometer, slowly replacing thermocouples in industry. Known for high precision and accuracy.

Thermocouples: Two conductors made of different materials and produce a voltage when heated. Used in high heat measurement.

Thermowell : A sheath used to protect RTD and temperature thermocouple sensors in industrial uses.