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Tuesday 15 November 2016
Posted in Fire Survival Cable by Pyrosales

How to install fire survival cables

MICCThere are several methods to install fire survival cables. The Installation Instructions for MICC Fireproof Wiring Cable details the various methods and provides relevant information regarding the following: Terminating the Cable, Removing the Sheath, Fitting the Seal, Fitting Discs and Sleeves, Fitting with Compound, Crimping the Seal, Identifying Conductors, Testing the Installation, Conductor Connections, Particular , Types of Installation, Running Large Single Conductor Cables, Flameproof Wiring, Concentric Wiring, Wiring Units, Protection against Voltage Surge, Constructive Suggestions, Remaking a Faulty Seal, Avoiding Faulty Seals, Sheath Damage, Repairs to Sheath.

Here is a simple method on how to terminate cables:

  • The cable should be cut to a suitable length for the conductor tails. 
  • To make it easy to strip the cable, make sure it has been cut flush and square. If there is PVC covering the sheathed cable, ensure that it is cut back before stripping the copper sheath.
  • Mark the copper where the sheath is going to be stripped in order to expose the conductors.
  • Now remove the sheath, making sure the cable ends are still cut off square and free from burrs.
  • Clean conductors, making sure that all extra magnesia has been removed.
  • After preparing the cable for termination, it is vital that termination is completed as soon as possible in order to avoid moisture build up, which could reduce its insulation resistance reading. 

MICCThere are different methods when it comes to removing sheath, fitting and crimping the seal. The method types are listed below:

Methods of removing sheath

Method 1: Using side-cutting pliers.
Method 2: Using fork-ended sheath stripper
Method 3: Using rotary stripper / pot wrench tool
Method 4: Using rotary stripping tool

Methods of Fitting the Seal

Method 1: Screwing on the pot using pipe grips or pliers
Method 2: Using pot wrench tool
Method 3: Using rotary stripper / pot wrench tool

Methods of Crimping the Seal

Method 1: Pyro X Crimp
Method 2: Pyro Crimp

For much more in depth information, read the document here. It is also available for download for efficient access.