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The Pyrosales Blog aims to provide information and up-to-date industry news in the temperature sensor manufacturing industry. We are a leading provider of specialist temperature, flow and level measurement equipment and calibration devices. Please comment, like and share our content.


Profile: John Shanahan
Tuesday 19 August 2014

Prior to joining Pyrosales, John was employed as an Instrument/Electrical Engineer at ICI at Botany. He was involved in 2 new plant commissioning projects which...

Staff Profile: Mike Maciejowski
Thursday 15 May 2014

Mike Maciejowski is our Sales Engineer based out of the Melbourne office. Mike spends most of his time on the road visiting customers. With a...

820 image
Wednesday 14 May 2014

Pyrosales supply a variety of tools and instruments to assist with the proper functioning of your process equipment. Practical Instruments Electronics Inc. (PIE), supplies Pyrosales...

Staff Profile: Anthony Gennari
Friday 14 February 2014

The staff at Pyrosales are one of the reasons people keep coming back. We are privileged to have such talented and skilled staff members on...

Friday 03 January 2014

Pyrosales are now distributing Conax products throughout Australia and New Zealand. Conax is an engineering and manufacturing company based in the USA. They are a...

The importance of Calibrating
Tuesday 03 September 2013

Controlling the temperature in a process can result in a dramatic increase in efficiency, but not if the sensors or equipment are measuring incorrectly. To...