Temperature Gauges

Pyrosales provide a variety of temperature gauges to cater to a range of industrial applications. Choose from the bimetal dial thermometer, liquid or gas filled dial thermometer. Indicating temperature switches, that combine indicating with switching are also available. Digital temperature gauge with RTD and thermocouple input.

The bi-metal thermometer measures by thermal expansion. Their construction is simple, yet rugged. They are suitable for most applications and measure a range from -50°C to 600°C. They come with multiple entry combinations and provide high repeatability with an Accuracy ± 1% FSD.

The liquid filled temperature gauge relies on liquid expansion for temperature measurement. It has a small immersion length which is required for sensing being 30mm. Their temperature measurement ranges from -30°C to 250°C with an accuracy of ± 1% FSD.

Gas filled temperature gauges have fewer limitations. They cover a larger temperature range of -200 to 800°C. Stem length can be adjustable and will not affect its accuracy of ± 1% FSD.

Indicating temperature switches offer a fast response with a switching accuracy of ± 2% FSD. Pyrosales also have a flameproof version available.

Digital thermometers are the newest range of temperature gauges at Pyrosales. They are adapting with technologies advancements. They have a universal input and are battery powered. They feature an alarm component as well as a 5000 point data logging which is transferable via a Smartphone app.

The main applications that would require such temperature measurement instruments include:

  • Sanitary Applications
  • Beverages & Food
  • Ovens / Furnaces
  • Chemicals / Scientific / Laboratories
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Fridges / Freezers
  • Machine and Plant Engineering
  • Boiler, Gear and Compressor Constructions