Fire Survival MI Cable / Pyro Cable

Mineral-insulated (MI) cable is a specially constructed cable that can survive a fire. It is well known as Pyro Cable, Fire Rated Cable or Fire Resistant Cable.

Capable of carrying current at temperatures in excess of 1000˚C, MI cable has unsurpassed fire survival properties. MI cable is fireproof, waterproof and radiation resistant and has a high resistance to corrosion. MI cable offer a lifetime, ageless and fireproof electric cable solution that are used to protect essential ‘life-critical’ circuits in high rise buildings, tunnels, airports, shopping centres, hospitals, towers, hotels and water treatment facilities. MI cable provides a unique combination of dependability, versatility and permanence. The sheath provides excellent earth continuity and is truly ‘A total cable system’.
*Pyrosales now sell MICC Fire Survival Cable manufactured by MICC. All MICC cable variations are approved for use as per ASNZS3013 52W, as well as a fully tested, fire-rated joint. This is the only pyro cable that has passed this testing process.

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