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TL514 Infrared Pyrometer

TL514 Infrared Pyrometer

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AST TL514 series pyrometer is a digital pyrometer to provide high performance and low maintenance of non-contact temperature measurement of glass surfaces & quartz surfaces in demanding industrial environments. AST TL514 series is provided with TTL output. The emissivity, Analog output sub- range, response time can be pre-set ex[1]works or adjusted through service software. This enables the instrument to be adapted to various measuring tasks. These pyrometers have solid body in stainless steel housing which provides high operation safety even in rough industrial environment.

  • Temperature range 200°C to 1400°C
  • Spot Size 50:1
  • Response Time 100msec. to 10sec.
  • TTL Output and service software
  • Analog Output
  • Variety of Accessories
  • Laser Sighting 4…20mA, 0-20mA.

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