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MultiDrop T Series

MultiDrop T Series

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Multidrop T Series has been designed to offer our customers a cost – effective non – contact based temperature monitoring solution, ideal for installation at multiple points in their processes. This product combines high accuracy and ruggedness of T Series sensor heads with an innovative multi-channel Interface Controller module. Each Multidrop is a two-piece pyrometer unit offering a variety of sensor heads with temperature ranges between 0°C and 2100°C. The sensor heads cover multiple spectral ranges and optics thus providing an array of solutions for your application requirements. The Interface Controller module acts as a digital display as well as provides analogue and digital signal output. It also provides power and communications to the connected sensor heads and allows for parameterization of sensor heads through built-in user interface keypad or through service software. The high accuracy, ruggedness and low cost per measurement point make these pyrometers ideal for installation at multiple points in your process.

  • Multiple Sensor Head design (up to 8 sensor heads per Interface module; each individually addressable)
  • For temperature measurements between 0 °C and 2100 °C
  • Multiple spectral ranges and high-resolution fixed optics (up to 200:1)
  • Galvanically isolated single analogue output – 0/4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 V, J type & K type TC* (user switchable) and Single relay output
  • USB 2.0, RS-232/RS-485 Interfacing for remote configuration
  • Integrated high resolution LCD display with user interface keypad in Interface module.

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