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TL8-FAST Infrared Pyrometer

TL8-FAST Infrared Pyrometer

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TL-8 Fast is a rugged and compact IR Pyrometer of class T series especially designed for low temperature application needs, ranging from 0°C…500°C.The highly recommended and OEM favourite model is perfectly suited for demanding industrial environment because of the compact size, small housing dimensions , and low maintenance. TL-8 Fast model of T series is particularly a tough competitor due to its high performance at very attractive economy range. TL-8 IR pyrometer comes along with Analog output 0-5V, digital TTL Output and Alarm Output for variety of applications in process industries.

  • Temperature range
    • 0°C – 500°C
  • Spectral range 8.0 μm…14.0 μm
  • Analog output 0-5V
  • TTL output
  • 3m connection cable
  • Calibration certificate/Software/Operation manual

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