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FEP Insulated Thermocouple and Extension Wire

FEP Insulated Thermocouple and Extension Wire

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View the thermocouple wire and cable catalogue to aid in choosing the right cable for your application. They have premium performance and are extremely reliable.

This wire is the most economical fluoroplastic insulated wire. The single conductors as well as the jacket are colour coded accordingly, using the FEP. The low friction, coefficient wire makes it widely used when pulling long lenths of wire through conduit.
Resistance Properties

  • Moisture- EXCELLENT
  • Chemical- EXCELLENT
  • Abrasion- EXCELLENT
Features and Benefits
  • Continuous temperature rating: 204°C
  • Single reading 260°C
  • Additional abrasion resistance with optional stainless steel and tinned copper wire overbraids.
  • Custom constructions available.


  • Aerospace
  • Industrial equipment testing

Additional information

Cable Type



20G Type J 7/0.3 TEF/TEF CABLE, 24G RX/SX 7/0.2 TEF/TEF CABLE, 24G Type J 7/0.2 TEF/TEF CABLE, 24G Type K TEF/TEF CABLE, Type K 7/0.2 Twisted PTFE, TYPE K TEF/TEF 7/0.2, TYPE RX/SX 7/0.2 TEF/TEF

Length (m)

50, 100

Brochure & Data Sheets