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Pyrosales Finalist in the Western Sydney Awards in Export 2022.

Pyrosales are happy to announce that we are a Finalist in the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Excellence in Export 2022.

Who runs the awards?

Screenshot 2021 07 27 113741 ImageWestern Sydney Awards for Business Excellence providing a platform to recognise the businesses and professionals who are actively driving the Greater Western Sydney region to new heights, WSABE serves to simultaneously establish a more cohesive Greater Western Sydney business community.

This year WSABE received more than 400 entries from a dynamic range of businesses, this stands as one of the programs most competitive years and is a testament to the resilience, innovation, and determination of our business community as they have been forced to operate in new ways against the backdrop of an ongoing global pandemic.

How did we make it through the 2022 in the export field?

Pyrosales during 2022 had to adapt as most companies had to, creating strategies to work through Covid-19, Post Covid-19, Floods, and International Freighting Issues to maintain an elevated level of standards our company strive to exceed. The issues of exporting internationally were challenging but with our long term established customers and distributors our strategies and communication with our partners allowed our standards not to fall.

During this period, we maintained our company ISO2009:15 certification, and International 3C Compulsory Product Certification.

Pyrosales is one of Australia’s longest established and largest manufacturers of precision temperature sensors, level and flow measurement gauges, and instrumentation, as well as calibration devices. Pyrosales provides advice, design, repair, and fabrication to providing a Total Temperature Solution consulting on various stages of any project, from development and planning of a new project, to modifying or upgrading an existing facility. Pyrosales are specialists in manufacturing products for use in extreme temperature processes, we service many industries such as Glass Iron Steel Petrochemical Aluminium Power generation Food and Beverage Plastics Aerospace Furnaces, ovens and kilns Civil Construction Commercial Building Fire safety .

All Pyrosales staff from every division and our company CEO John Shanahan are proud to be an award finalist, we believe this was achieved by dedication, communication and working as a team.