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Fire Safety

Pyrosales has been involved in a variety of projects in relation to both fire safety as well as the supply of fire survival products for industrial and commercial applications. We have designed specific thermocouples and probe temperature sensors that are used in testing the ability of different materials to withstand a fire. Pyrosales also supply MICC MI cables that can withstand the extreme heat of both internal and external fire.


MICC Fire Resistant Pyro Cable

Pyro cable can withstand the extreme heat of a fire. The use of copper clad pyro cable allows critical power circuits to be maintained in emergency situations, and ensure there is no smoke produced which may fuel the flame.

Aside from the MICC brand, which is used in power distribution, we are able to manufacture a range of probe temperature sensors and related systems to enhance your ability to maintain fire safety.

Protecting Buildings from Bushfire

Case study – Pyrosales expertise in temperature monitoring and control

An architect who had designed a new holiday resort in New South Wales Hunter Valley region–an area prone to regular bushfires– approached us to discuss how to protect the structures in the case of a bushfire. The use of sprinklers was factored into the design using a nearby dam as water supply. What was missing was a way to effectively monitor the environment.

Pyrosales suggested the use of a network of thermocouples to monitor the temperature around the perimeter of the property. These were connected to a series of temperature controllers which would activate solenoids turning on the sprinkler systems if the temperature increased above a predetermined setpoint and extinguish the flames. The sprinkler would only stop working when the temperature decreased below the predetermined setpoint.

For more information on probe temperature sensors or any of Pyrosales fire safety products, please contact us online or call the nearest Pyrosales office.