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High Temperature Ceramic Fibre Mica Thermocouple Wire

High Temperature Ceramic Fibre Mica Thermocouple Wire

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A high temperature ceramic fibre wire. The ceramic fibre yarn is similar to the High Temperature Ceramic Fibre Thermocouple Wire, however it can work at a slightly higher temperture. This is because the construction has a mica tape which is around each conductor before it is insulated with the ceramic fibre yarn. Because this insulation has no binders or impregnation, it may fray when stripped. It is a great wire to use when air supply is low.


Resistance Properties

  • Moisture- GOOD
  • Chemical- GOOD
  • Abrasion- GOOD
Features and Benefits
  • Continuous temperature rating: 1205°C
  • Single reading 1430°C
  • Mica tape barrier for extra insulation over single conductors, improves moisture resistance.
  • Additional abrasion resistance with optional stainless steel and alloy 600 wire overbraids.
  • Custom constructions available.


  • Steel and aluminium plants
  • Heat treating

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