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Synthetic wires and cables are generally made with a special yarn which is a ceramic fibre. This yarn insulates each single conductor as well as the outer jacket. These cables are flexible and can withstand extremely high temperatures.

There are various applications which would be suitable to use these cables, including:

  • Heat treating
  • Steel and aluminium plants
  • Glass, ceramic and brick manufacturing
  • Replacement for beaded thermocouples
  • Soaking pits
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Product Development, Design, Consulting And Manufacture

Pyrosales can design and manufacture custom solutions for precision temperature measurement and process control applications.


Pyrosales frequently repair specialised temperature equipment. We are distributors of the highly trusted RKC® digital temperature controller devices.

Fire Survival MI Cable

Mineral-insulated (MI) cable is a specially constructed cable that can survive a fire. Capable of carrying current at temperatures more than 1000˚C.


We have a large selection of commercial and industrial temperature sensors, gauges, monitoring and control equipment, with superior quality.

QAS Certified

We have been assessed and approved by Australian and international quality management systems, standards and guidelines.


To achieve accurate readings from precision temperature sensors, gauges and measuring equipment. We provide accurate calibration and certificates.