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PGM+ Glass Mould Pyrometer

PGM+ Glass Mould Pyrometer

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The P-GM+ (Portable Glass Mould Pyrometer) is a handheld, battery powered Non-Contact pyrometer designed primarily for the measurement of mould temperatures in container glass industry. It gives an instantaneous reading of the temperature and data logging with the press of a single switch. Readings taken are stored into memory and logged with Serial number and date/time for reviewing it. Stored temperature readings are held in memory until deleted, they are not lost when the unit is turned off or the battery is removed. it provides a powerful data logging capability with storage for up to 1000 measurements. P-GM+ comprises of handheld pyrometer. The pyrometer has an infrared detector with associated electronics and a rigid fibre optic probe, the tip of which is momentarily touched to the hot surface to take measurement. The processor has an easy-to-read OLED display, operating button, and a data store. 3 AAA size rechargeable cell powers the whole system.

  • Data Logging : Readings can now be logged with a time and date identifier – allowing a wider variety of analyses to be performed on the temperature data.
  • Battery Indication :
  • Adjustable Temperature Range With Blinking Indication
  • Range from 250°C – 600°C
  • Standard temperature: Display will be Normal.
  • Maximum temperature: Display will Blink.
  • Fast, easy, single button measurement
  • Adjustable Probe Rotation : 360° rotation in 18 Steps
  • Accurate : Spectral response is 1.6 μm. Short wavelength operation minimizes errors due to emissivity and/or optics contamination.
  • Portable and convenient : Thermometer is robust and lightweight. Probe in interchangeable on site.
  • Powerful data logging :Up to 1000 readings can be stored.
  • Comprising : temperature, time, date, and emissivity. The stored data can be downloaded via a USB 2.0 to Computer.
  • In-built charging : Charging via USB 2.0 Charger
  • Auto OFF : Automatic power off feature with adjustable time.(Default 1 min.) when placed in Ideal state.

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