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Model 350H

Model 350H

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Low temperature dry block calibrator. Ideal for quick/ fast site calibration of RTDs / TCs / Bi-metal thermometers, Temperature switches / Indicators etc in Industrial and Marine applications.

Features include:
  • Temperature range : 10°C above Ambient to 350°C
  • Accuracy : ±1°C
  • Immersion Depth : 110 mm (350-H); 190 mm (350-H2)
  • Heavy Duty Portable / Bench-top Model
  • Rugged Field Use & for Calibration at Site
  • Auto-tune PID Control
  • Switch Test facility
  • Fast and Reliable
  • Improved Accuracy Resolution & Stability
  • Interchangeable Thermowell Inserts : Single / Multi-hole
  • Meets CE Norms
  • Meets the requirements of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS IX Maintenance Regulations) and International Safety Management (ISM)

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