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Model BBSD

Model BBSD

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BBSD Model- Best calibration source for Simultaneous Measurement of Low and Medium Temperatures. 2 in 1- Space Saver. Ideal for non-contact Pyrometer calibration.

Features include:

  • Enables simultaneous measurement of 2 Pyrometers / Quick Measurement in 2 Points over the range
  • Compact, Light Weight, Bench-top & Portable
  • Dual Ranges : 50 to 300°C & 250 to 600°C
  • Excellent Accuracy & Stability
  • High Emissivity, wide Aperture
  • Auto-tune PID Controller
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Cost effective – Best Value for Money
  • RS-232 Computer Interface – Optional
  • Calibration Management Software – Optional

Brochure & Data Sheets