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Thermocouple Cable Colour Chart

Thermocouple Cable Colour Chart

Cables supplied from locations outside of Australia tend to have a different colour coding system. The insulation on a cable is typically colour coded in order for phase, earth and neutral to be easily identified. Refer to the cable colour chart below to help identify the correct cable. It is particularly useful when completing maintenance on existing cable, so you can differentiate between existing and new and ensure the correct connections are made. Failure to connect an instrument properly, can result in incorrect reading when measuring temperature.

(Incorporating new IEC Colour Codes)

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Cable Colour Chart 2




Cable Colour Chart 3



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NOTES: 1. THERMOCOUPLE GRADE cables have a specific colour coding for the ANSI M96.1 system. The individual conductors are colour coded as per the extension cables for K,J,T,N,E but the overall sheath colour is BROWN.
2. The most common colour code system in use in Australia is the USA ANSI M96.1.
3. For ANSI Colour Coded cables the NEGATIVE is always RED.