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Tuesday 29 May 2018
Posted in Thermocouple Information by Pyrosales

Standard Thermowell Specifications

Thermowells are put in place to protect the temperature sensor in use from the measured medium, which could be corrosive or hazardous. It also allows the removal and replacement of the sensor without disrupting the medium. Thermowells provide a safer and more sanitary option for temperature measurement.

Below is a table of the most common specifications used in the manufacturing of thermowells.

thermowell specifications table












  • All Fabricated thermowells to be used with RTDs are supplied with drilled solid tip
  • Weld procedure and qualifications on request
  • All wells can be supplied with lagging extensions
  • If hex bar is unavailable for material specified, two spanner flats milled
  • Plug and chain available for all constructions
  • Maximum machined thermowell length: 1200mm