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Tuesday 03 September 2013
Posted in Thermocouple Information by Pyrosales

Gas exploration and temperature sensing challenges

natural gasDemand for affordable and cleaner energy resources in Australia is increasing, and gas is a sensible solution. Australia has an estimated 400 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves, with the expectation that further exploration will increase this amount.  Gas also offers a ‘cleaner’ energy source, emitting less than half of the greenhouse emmisions of coal-fired energy. The emphasis on this resource appears to be driving investment into processes and plants. 

Pyrosales has enjoyed a long association with the gas industry and has supplied products for Woodside, Darwin Liquefied Natural Gas, ENI Blacktip and Dampier-Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline. Processes in these environments present challenges, as many temperature sensors are installed in hazardous areas and must be able to withstand high velocity flow rates. Design requires an in-depth knowledge of the requirements for instruments in hazardous areas, especially Ex ‘d’. 

Pyrosales has detailed knowledge of hazardous area requirements, gained over years of association with the petrochemical industry. This allows us to provide consultation and advise the correct solution for the safe operation of the plant. Access to the most up to date analysis programs ensures that any thermowell recommended for use in processing plants, is capable of withstanding the gruelling processing conditions.

In addition to temperature sensors, Pyrosales has provided primary sensing elements  including orifice plates and restriction orifices for flow measurement

Pyrosales long standing reputation in providing expert technical solutions, ensures that the products supplied will be the best fit for the process conditions. For more information on our products and services visit our website or contact us on 1300 737 976.