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Thursday 15 December 2016
Posted in Thermocouple Information by Pyrosales

Base Metal Thermocouple Assemblies

The base-metal thermocouple covers the majority of applications within industry over a range of -80°C to +1300°C.

Type T        Copper Constantan            -180°C to +400°C

Type J        Iron Constantan                   0°C to +750°C

Type E       Chromel® Constantan          0°C to +900°C

Type K       Chromel® Alumel®               0°C to +1200°C

Type N       Nicrosil Nisil                          0°C to +1300°C


The base-metal element is available in two basic forms: (1) Bare Wire and Beads, and (2) Mineral insulated. (Details are on separate sheet called Mineral insulated thermocouples). The bare wire and bead construction normally requires additional protection from the medium being measured. The mineral insulated system, however, can be used on its own, except in particularly severe conditions, such as in aluminium or brass foundries.

base metal thermocouples 2


bare metals thermocouple 3


bare metals thermocouple 4






The recommended sheath temperature is limited by the thermocouple range. For higher temperatures refer Rare Metal  thermocouple data sheets.

The above only cover the most commonly supplied thermocouples. We specialise in ‘Made to Order’ units, and will quote against your specifications.

Hexoloy®             Registered trade mark of Carborundum Company.

Syalon®               Registered trade mark of Cookson.

Chromel®            Registered trade mark of Hoskins Manufacturing.

Alumel®               Registered trade mark of Hoskins Manufacturing.