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Pest Management and Pest Control – Thermal Imaging Cameras

Testo Thermal Imaging Camera InspectionsAs a pest control specialist, you would know that termites are a major problem in Australia. They continue to breed at rapid paces and can cause severe damage to properties and structures.

It is vital for a Pest control specialist to be able to identify a potential termite problem, along with other infestation issues, in order to treat and advise the area at hand.

What’s more is that termite infestations and damage caused by these pests, are NOT covered by insurance – therefore, repairs are an out of pocket expense for the client. How can you help them?

Having a Thermal Imaging Termite Inspection Service in your company will not only add a new service to your existing offering, it will enhance your abilities and increase the quality and accuracy of your work, as well as being able to conduct pre-purchase inspections with ease, in a non-invasive nature.

They have now even become part of the Australian standard AS3660.2/2017 for termite management in and around existing buildings and structures.

Forget the invasive inspections – advancements in technology has made Testo thermal imaging cameras an essential part of any pest management kit. You are able to detect moisture and thermal changes through these cameras – allowing you to undertake a thorough inspection.

These cameras do the hard work for you! Combining high quality image resolution and equipped with automatic detection of hot/cold spots, you will not be disappointed.

Testo 865 Thermal Imaging Camera

Pyrosales recommends the 865 Thermal Imaging Camera as a base model camera. It features:

  • Very good image resolution 160×120 pixels, including SuperResolution 320×240 pixels
  • Measuring accuracy of ±2°C
  • Visualizing temperature differences from 0.12°C
  • Automatic detection of hot/cold spots


Testo 868 Thermal Imaging Camera

If you are out and about for a majority of your work time, you may be interested in the 868 Thermal Imaging Camera. Along with the 865 features, this camera also includes:

  • A larger temperature measuring range: -30°C to +650°C
  • An integrated Digital Camera
  • Ability to access the FREE Thermography App – enables you to write and send reports on site as well as saving them online – wirelessly!



Using the moisture and temperature levels on the cameras, allows you to notify your client whether there may be a potential risk in parts of the property or structure. This will create repeat visits and inspections for you to advise the client of any changes to these areas – increasing revenue, loyalty and reputation

Comes with a carry case for easy transportation.

Testo Thermal Imaging Camera 868

If you need more information or would like to order by phone, please call 1300 737 976.
If you prefer to order online, click here for 865 or 868.