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Take a look at the RKC PF900 ramp soak controller

Pf900 RkcPyrosales, the Australian Distributors for RKC Instruments, announces the PF900 ramp soak 1/4 DIN process controller, which stores up to 1024 segments (99 patterns with 10 segments of 10 segments of up to 99 patterns). A RSS (ramp soak stabilizer) algorithm suppresses overshoot at the transition time from ramp to soak. Select from a sampling speed of 0.05 seconds for better control resolution or 1/0.25 sampling speed to stabilise in applications requiring higher resolutions.

The 11 character display shows the memory group number and set value, wait zone set value, remaining time, output values, running pattern segment, and a program pattern/output bar graph. Versatile event handling is accomplished with as many as 11 digital inputs and 12 digital outputs. A front loader port and programming tool eases complicated programming and simplifies placement onto a PC.

Choose from two types of signal modes and either Level-PID or segment PID zones. Additional features include inter-controller communication, flexible pattern end output, wait function, segment repeat and a variety of memory groups.

The readout for the PF900 is a green PV display, an orange SV display and a white pattern display while the PF901 is an all white display.

The PF900 ramp/soak controller is an ideal instrument for both end-users and the OEM market in a wide range of industries, including semiconductor, test stands, environmental chambers, and heat-related processes.

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