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Thursday 15 May 2014
Posted in Temperature Controllers by Pyrosales

RKC controller repairs allow company to get fibreglass rods back into production

Fibreglass RodsPyrosales supply a broad range of products to a variety of industries. We supply the trusted Japanese RKC controllers for managing temperature in the processing of raw materials into finished products.  

Permex Products Australia, based at Minto NSW, specialise in the design and production of pultruded fibreglass battens and fibreglass rods.

Pultruded refers to the process of pulling a fibre/resin matrix through a heated die where the material hardens to create a rod. The machine Permex use to make the rods is connected to an RKC controller. The RKC unit, is used to control the temperature of the materials used during the pultrusion process.  

RKC products offer reliability and continue to function for many years. Should a controller stop working, Dennis Ceroni, our Service/Calibration technician can often assess the problem, often resolve any issues and get the unit functioning properly again.

For Permex, a repair to their controller was a cost effective way to get their machinery back up and running and continue creating rods for use in the sailing industry, farming, agriculture, telecommunications and power industries.