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More than just industrial temperature management – pizza anyone?

Pizza OvenAt Pyrosales we come across so many applications where our products are used.  In most cases, we supply for both small and large operators who manufacture a product.

Recently we supplied temperature gauges for a mouth-watering project. Our customer designed and built his own commercial sized pizza oven for his backyard.

Managing the correct temperature in the oven was essential for the creation of tasty pizzas, so our customer installed a gas filled dial thermometer. It also looks great!

The gas filled temperature gauge was selected as it overcomes most of the limitations of other types of dial temperature gauges. It offers a very wide temperature range i.e.  ( -)200 to 8000 so is suitable for a wide range of uses.
The gauges can be provided in almost any stem length and capillary length can be as long as 25 metres, without any loss of accuracy. Inert, non-hazardous, non-toxic nature of the filled system makes it virtually ideal choice of cross section of industries.