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Sunday 15 February 2015
Posted in Temperature Controllers by Pyrosales

Food safety – essential temperature management

Fundraising ThermometerFundraising events at the local hardware, school or fete provide a great snag or a delicious homemade cake or biscuit. Even better, your money is going to a good cause. Although these aren’t everyday events or food businesses, temperature control is critical. No one wants to get sick supporting the local community. When hosting a fundraising event, many councils direct event organisers to Pyrosales for their temperature probes.

Did you know?

  • Hot food should be kept at 60°C or hotter
  • Cold food should be kept at 5°C or colder

    Food safety standards require you to have a thermometer if you handle or sell potentially hazardous foods. The thermometer must be accurate within +/- 1°C.

    Thermometer tips:

  • Thermometers should not contain glass – in case of breakage and contamination risk
  • Make sure the probe is clean – wipe with a sterile wipe between uses
  • Insert probe and wait until the temperature settles
  • Test a few areas of the food to ensure the temperature is distributed evenly
  • Clean the probe in hot water after use
  • If the temperature is incorrect – heat or cool as required

    For more information on the temperature probes for food safety see Handheld Instruments.