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Thursday 02 June 2016
Posted in Temperature Controllers by Pyrosales

What are the different types of general purpose temperature controllers?

General purpose temperature controllersGeneral purpose controllers cover the majority of the digital controller market due to their versatility. They are used across a large variety of industries, including, plastic, scientific and laboratories, food and beverage, metal processing, and general manufacturing. Pyrosales distribute RKC general purpose controllers with various functions available depending on the application. Made in Japan, RKC general purpose controllers are long lasting and high quality. They are also repairable in many cases, we can complete a service or repair work on superseded and older outdated models.

RKC CB Series temperature controllers

The CB series of controllers are the most common as they are a user-friendly temperature control instrument. They are self-tuning, have stable control (0.3% measurement accuracy), have an easy to read, large LED screen as well as RUN/STOP and RAMP/SOAK functions. The devices offer digital communications RS-485 and are housed in a dustproof and waterproof enclosure (IP66) IP65. The devices can be alarmed to notify when a temperature is achieved or a loop is broken. The likely industries that would utilise a CB Series controller include plastic, packaging, food, environmental and semiconductor industries. Various models are available in the CB range, including CB100, CB400, CB500, CB700 and CB900. The difference between the models is the size of the unit which can be selected based on the space available.

Single loop controllers


For a single loop controller, the SA100 or SA200 are the perfect choice of general purpose controller. The SA100 can be easily mounted on a DIN rail with a rail mounting socket or panel mounting frame. The SA100 comes with self-tuning (adaptive tune) which makes the setup of these devices quite straightforward. RKC SA100 The device also offers a digital interface, an alarm output, analog output and digital input as well as a loop break alarm. The SA100 measures 48mm x48mm so is a more slimline option which is handy when space is at a minimum.




RKC SA200 general purpose temperature controllerThe SA200 measures 48mm x 24mm and can communicate digitally with both MODBUS and RKC protocols. The device has self-tuning (active tuning), heat/cool control, alarm output and digital input. The SA200 is also equipped with an alarm output, digital input and a loop break alarm. A key difference to other models is the size of this unit. It measures 48mm x24mm so is a more slimline option which is handy when space is at a minimum.

SB1 temperature controller with built-in SSR

RKC SB1 general purpose temperature controllerAnother option in general purpose controllers is the SB1. The SB1 is a 1 channel temperature controller with built-in solid state relay (SSR) designed for flexible heating solutions such as heat trace of pipelines (by controlling jacket heater etc.). The instrument can be wired directly to heaters and can be installed in a small space or into a pipe and is also available in a variety of types for different mounting options. The device is easy to connect with a complete connector and is energy efficient via the SB link. The load power shutoff function and fuse is a useful safety measure on the device.

A controller for every application

General purpose controllers are typically user-friendly and are extremely versatile, which makes them a popular choice for temperature control. The key differences across the range are the features on offer. The basic temperature controller will offer an LED display, self-tuning and come in a variety of sizes to suit the space allocated for the controller. As you explore other general purpose controllers, you are exposed to more options on the size and features available including, alarms, more complex self-tuning and additional safety features.