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Friday 03 May 2019
Posted in RTDs by Pyrosales

Had your morning coffee? RTD Sensors for coffee roasters

coffeeThe humble coffee bean has been a product of trade for hundreds of years and has become Australia’s most popular hot drink. Coffee roasting can be done in different sized roasters, but with the same goal: to produce the best possible taste from the beans.

Great care is taken to roast the beans; undercooked beans taste raw, and overcooked beans have a burnt taste. Roasting coffee beans requires both heat and movement. The beans must cook evenly and are therefore moved around during roasting.

Temperature accuracy is critical in the production of roasted beans. Type J thermocouples were originally used as the temperature sensor for the roasting process but have been replaced with RTDs (resistance temperature detectors). The RTD sensors are connected to a controller that controls the temperature of the heating elements, a process that is critical in achieving the best results.

Pyrosales supply RTDs to a number of roasting companies throughout Australia and New Zealand. Contact our experienced Sales team for more information or to quote on replacement RTDs for your coffee roaster.