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Temperature measurement in applications used in the food industry

FoodFood is glorious, isn’t it? We need it to live, we spend a large portion of the weekly budget on it and we enjoy it. Many of our favourite food found in the supermarket is processed from raw ingredients into marketable foods with long shelf lives. Poultry, chocolate, sauces, cheese, coffee, beer, wine and spirits, and many other favourites, get to the shelves from process plants around the country.

Temperature is a critical quantity in many fields of food industry processes, from assurance of quality during production, up to storage and transport to final users.

Temperature measurement is required in a multitude of applications associated with the food industry:

  • food manufacturing equipment.
  • cooking–ovens, cooking plates, fermentation chambers.
  • cooling–refrigerators, deep freezers, freezers, coolers.
  • food packaging–bakery, milk, confectionery, pastry-making.
  • packaging manufacturing–glass, plastics, cardboard.

Traditionally, the industry has relied on basic temperature sensors and thermometers, however RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) are gaining popularity because they offer accurate readings for narrow temperature ranges and provide stability for longer periods of time.

It is essential the temperature is precisely managed during the food manufacturing process to ensure the food you buy off the supermarket shelf is of the highest quality and meets traceability, sanitary, and safety requirements imposed by the current food standards code.

Pyrosales has numerous products and sensors that can assist you in getting better control in your food processes, whether it be in the storage, cooking, handling or transportation.

Ensuring that it is, in fact, glorious food!