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Dial Thermometer in a Thermowell…

Can a Dial Thermometer sit in a Thermowell? 

Thermometer In Thermowell 2 Image

Yes, our dial thermometers can sit in a thermowellThis acts as a protection sleeve so the stem is not directly in contact with the measurement content. Our dial thermometers come with ‘every angle entry’. We believe in allowing the client to customise this easily according to their application, rather than just supplying a back or bottom entry thermometer.

We would also need to know some more information such as:

  • Dial size : such as 4inch
  • Stem length required
  • Temperature range: such as 1 – 1000°C

The benefit of utilising a dial thermometer is that it is cost effective and does not require mains power to operate. It is also suitable for hazardous areas.

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