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How to enhance your Industrial Temperature Measurement with the AST EL50 Infrared Pyrometer?

Eseries Web 300X136 1 ImageTemperature measurement is a critical aspect of industrial processes, as precise monitoring and control are essential for ensuring optimal operational efficiency and product quality. Infrared pyrometers are a reliable tool for non-contact temperature measurement. One of the leading solutions in this field is the AST EL50 Infrared Highly Accurate Digital Pyrometer with an Extended Sensor Head.

The EL50 pyrometer utilises advanced technology to deliver accurate results, its extended sensor head enables non-contact measurement from a safe distance, ensuring operator safety and convenience. The pyrometer’s design combines precision, durability, and user-friendly features.

What features does the EL50 have?

Screenshot 2023 07 26 095212 ImageThe AST EL50 with extended sensing head in 4 wire technology for non-contact temperature measurement between -20°C to 800°C. The sensor head is unaffected by electromagnetic interferences. The pyrometers are specially designed in such a way that sensor head can withstand ambient temperature upto 120°C easily. The pyrometer is equipped with an Inbuilt 4-digit LCD display which offers many signal processing features. The electronic box with integrated keypad helps in setting parameters like Emissivity, Analog Sub range, Set point, Hysteresis (Hyst), Analog Output, Unit of temperature (°C or F), Response Time, Peak Picker, and Sensor address etc. The EL50 is provided with USB 2.0 output and PC software. The pyrometer can be powered through USB port. In this case no external power supply is required. 24 VDC is required for operation of Analog Output, RS-232 & RS485 & Relay Output. Analog output is 4…20mA, 0…20mA, 0…10V, Thermocouple type “K” or “J” (user selectable) via keypad or software. RS 232/RS-485 Serial interface card is available as option.

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Where can the AST EL50 be used?

The AST EL50 Pyrometer has a wide range of applications in different industries, including metal processing, glass manufacturing, ceramics, chemical processing and more. It can accurately measure the temperature of objects such as molten metals, glass sheets, furnace walls and various materials during the production refining processes. In industrial environments, durability is essential the AST EL50 pyrometer is built to withstand harsh conditions. It is resistant to electromagnetic interference, vibrations, and temperature extremes, making it suitable for demanding applications.

Can the AST EL50 comply to quality management systems?

High Quality 1024X1024 1 ImageTo maintain accuracy and traceability the EL50 pyrometer can be calibrated and certified to meet specific industry standards. Regular calibration ensures the pyrometer’s performance remains within acceptable limits, providing confidence in its measurement and compliance with quality management systems.

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