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Thursday 02 January 2020
Posted in Pressure by Pyrosales

Under Pressure Measurement Equipment

Differential Pressure Gauge 3 Capsule type image

Accurate pressure measurement is critical in any process. It can be life or death in extreme cases. Pressure is the second most common measurement in process control, after temperature. Measurement equipment should be regularly calibrated and provide accurate data to ensure the process runs safely and smoothly.

Pressure measurement

Pressure is everywhere, yet not visible to the naked eye. It is best defined as a force that is applied uniformly over a surface. Pressure is measured in units of force per unit of area. There are three kinds of pressure, gauge, absolute and fluid.

  • Fluid pressure measures the force per unit of a gas or liquid
  • Absolute pressure is the pressure compared with the zero pressure of empty space (vacuum)
  • Gauge pressure refers to pressure compared with atmospheric pressure (surrounding air pressure)

Tools for measuring pressure

Pressure measurement tools are not too dissimilar to the first measurement devices from the mid 19th century. Typically constructed with a curved tube, an input for pressure connected to an indicator needle. Over time, technology improvements have provided additional options for specific applications, including stainless steel construction for corrosive environments, diaphragm seals to prolong the operating life of the gauge.

Pyrosales has a large range of pressure measurement equipment. Find out more.

  • Absolute Pressure Gaugesabsolute pressure gauge
    Atmospheric pressure varies depending on location altitude and weather conditions. In such variable conditions, precise pressure measurement can only be achieved if a fixed (un-changing) reference point is established.
    • Bourdon Pressure Gauges
      Pressure gauge designed to withstand measurement in an aggressive environment. Suitable for process industries such as petro-chemical, energy, gas, food processing and nuclear. Available in dry case or liquid filled.
    • Bourdon Sensing Pressure Gauges 40/50/63mm
      Designed to fulfill most industrial requirements as well as commercial, available in 40mm, 50mm, 63mm. Developed for OEM applications in compressed gases, lubricating circuits etc.

capsule pressure gauge

  • Capsule Sensing Pressure Gauges
    Low range with high accuracy, all stainless steel internals, compact design, suitable for low pressure measurement. Sensing element capsule consists of 2 stainless steel laser welded diaphragms.
  • Diaphragm Seals
    A diaphragm seal is a device where a flexible membrane seals and isolates the measuring instrument from the process medium. The instrument side of the diaphragm is filled with appropriate fluid. The pressure exerted by the process fluid on the diaphragm is hydraulically transmitted through the seal fluid to the pressure sensing element. The seal protects the pressure sensor from the harmful and hazardous effect of the process fluid.
  • Differential Pressure Gauges
    Differential pressure gauges are used for measuring differential pressure across filters, strainers, columns, reactors, ID/FD fans, blowers and for flow measurement. A set of 2 stainless steel bellows or 2 diaphragms enables direct reading of the actual differential pressure. Each port can withstand the full static pressure without any damage.
  • Hygiene Gauges
    Hygiene gauges are designed for pressure measurement in sanitary applications such as pharmaceutical, dairy, biotechnology, food and beverage.
  • Indicating Low Range Pressure Switchesindicating low range pressure gauge
    Suitable for low pressure application, combination of indication and switch, single or double contacts available. Set the switch externally – throughout the range.
  • Indicating Pressure Switches
    Suitable for low pressure application, combination of indication and switch, single or double contacts available. Set the switch externally – throughout the range.
  • Master Pressure Gauges
    Accuracy class ± 0.25% FSD, rugged construction, 1.2 fold over range capability for short duration. Supplied with carrying case.
  • Mud Gauges
    Designed for oil and coal industries to measure the pressure of pulsating fluids, including solid particles in suspension of stand pipe of mud pumps. Can be used for any fluid. Sturdy construction can undergo sever working conditions. The pressure ranges meet every requirement of the oil industry.
  • Pressure Accessories
    A variety of pressure accessories are available including, snubber, pig tail syphon, U syphon, gauge saver, gauge adapter, swivelling adapter or gauge union.
  • Pressure Gauge with External Zero Adjustment pressure gauge with zero external adjustment
    Pressure gauges and differential pressure gauges typically have a micrometre type pointer, where zero can only be adjusted after opening the bezel and glass, which is not practical for liquid filled gauges. A gauge with external zero adjustment using an external knob, avoids having to drain and replace any liquid. Available in pressure gauge and differential pressure gauge.
  • Receiver Gauges
    Suitable for receiving pneumatic signals of level and flow transmitters.
  • Safety Pattern Solid Front Pressure Gauges
    All stainless steel construction, suitable for process industries including chemical, petro-chemical, energy, gas, food processing and nuclear etc. Solid baffle wall and blow out back which immediately releases in the event of accidental tube rupture.