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What’s New in Ramp Soak Controllers..

What’s New in Ramp Soak Controllers..

Pz400 ImageThe latest products from RKC Instruments are the PZ400 and PZ900 which are Ramp Soak Controllers.

What is a Ramp Soak Controller?

Ramp Soak Controllers are a subset of profile controller, they are mainly for controlling temperature or any other process parameter against time. Ramp Soak controllers control the rate of rise (ramp) of temperature /controlled parameters then maintain it to the programmed value for programed time.

What do they have…

At-a-glance view of current status Large three display. The large LCD display provides various information about the control status. It is obvious at first glance to see the program running properly. It has the feature of a Front loader communication port which allows configuration without removing the controller from the panel

The communication function makes it possible to monitor and set the data of the Temperature Controller PZ400/900 from a host computer. The controller interfaces with the host computer via Modbus or RKC communication protocols. Communication function is available only when optional communication function has been specified at the time of ordering. In addition, the controller PZ400/900 is equipped standard with a loader communication connector. Therefore, loader communication is possible. For reference purposes, the Modbus protocol identifies the host computer as master, the controller as slave.

The PZ400/900 is a better $$$$ value option than the PF900, being a smaller version with most of the same options eg: Easy Simple Operation with direct setting keys, Program Storage Capacity of 16 Patterns × 16 Segments (all link able), Front loader Communication Offers Easy Initial Setup, Simple Operation with new Level PID Automatic Setting Function.