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What Type of Temperature Gauges are Available

Hd2107 2 Centesimal Thermometer Datalogger 2 ImagePyrosales provide a variety of temperature gauges to cater to a range of industrial applications. Digital temperature gauge with RTD and thermocouple input. A highly accurate and robust thermometer, the Delta OHM HD2307.0 is an incredibly reliable piece of industrial temperature measuring equipment. The thermometer is portable as well as waterproof, which makes it an effective instrument for many applications. Temperature is measured using a Pt100 or Pt1000 probe which are either immersion, penetration, contact or air probes. We manufacture the probes to our customers specifications. Delta_Ohm_HD2307.0

Bimetal Dial Thermometer Temperature GaugeThe bi-metal thermometer measures by thermal expansion. A bimetal thermometer uses a bimetal spring as temperature sensing element. This technology uses a coil spring made of two different types of metals that are welded or fastened together. These metals could include copper, steel or brass as long as one has low heat sensitivity while the other metal has high heat sensitivity. Whenever the welded strip is heated, the two metals change length based on their individual rates of thermal expansion. Since the two metals expand to different lengths, the bimetallic strip is forced to bend or curl towards the side with a lower coefficient of thermal expansion. The movement of the strip is used to deflect a pointer over a calibrated scale which then indicates temperature to the user. Their construction is simple, yet rugged. They are suitable for most applications and measure a range from -50°C to 600°C. They come with multiple entry combinations and provide high repeatability with an Accuracy ± 1% FSD. Bimetal_dial_thermometer

Liquid Filled Dial Thermometer Temperature GaugeThe liquid filled temperature gauge relies on liquid expansion for temperature measurement. A liquid or gas actuated thermometer uses a gas/vapor as temperature sensing element. The liquid expands as the temperature rises, rising in the tube and indicating the temperature. The liquid or gas that fills the tube is usually mercury or alcohol. As heat is transferred into the substance, it expands and pushes the column of liquid or gas higher up the capillary, which indicates the temperature. It has a small immersion length which is required for sensing being 30mm. Their temperature measurement ranges from -30°C to 250°C with an accuracy of ± 1% FSD Liquid_filled_dial_thermometer  

Gas Filled Dial Thermometer Temperature GaugeGas filled temperature gauges have fewer limitations. A gas is used as the thermometric fluid instead of an liquid as it is in liquid filled temperature gauge. However, the operating principle is the same in both cases: It is not the expansion of the fluid that is measured, but the increase in pressure at a constant volume which is associated by an increase in temperature. For an ideal gas, the gas pressure at a constant volume is determined only by the temperature (isochoric process). They cover a larger temperature range of -200 to 800°C. Stem length can be adjustable and will not affect its accuracy of ± 1% FSD. Gas_filled_dial_thermometer


Indicating Pressure Switch Indicating temperature switches are a switch that acts in a binary fashion, changing state when a pressure, temperature, level or other process variable crosses over some predefined threshold. If the process variable in question can be allowed to vary in the course of normal operation, a simple switch linked to an on/off valve or pump can effectively and reliably control the process at hand, keeping a tank from running dry or a temperature from climbing too high. The switches offer a fast response with a switching accuracy of ± 2% FSD. We also have a flameproof version available. Indicating_pressure_switch


Tes 1314 Image Digital thermometers are available which are adapting with technologies advancements. Digital thermometers contain a small computing mechanism and a resistor. A change in temperature causes the sensor to notice a change in resistance. The computer converts the difference in resistance into a difference in temperature and offers a digital readout in degrees. They have a universal input and are battery powered. They feature an alarm component as well as a 5000 point data logging which is transferable via a Smartphone app.


The main applications that would require such temperature measurement instruments include:  Sanitary Applications, Beverages & Food, Ovens / Furnaces, Chemicals / Scientific / Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Fridges / Freezers, Machine and Plant Engineering, Boiler, Gear and Compressor Constructions.

Pizza Oven ImageOn the home front we supplied temperature gauges for a project. Our customer designed and built his own commercial sized pizza oven for his backyard. Managing the correct temperature in the oven was essential for the creation of tasty pizzas, so our customer installed a gas filled dial thermometer. The gas filled temperature gauge was selected as it overcomes most of the limitations of other types of dial temperature gauges. It offers a very wide temperature range i.e. ( -)200 to 8000 so is suitable for a wide range of uses. The gauges can be provided in almost any stem length and capillary length can be as long as 25 metres, without any loss of accuracy. Inert, non-hazardous, non-toxic nature of the filled system makes it virtually the ideal choice for the project.