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The Chino TP-U Series Temperature Checker

Chino Tp U ImagePyrosales is happy to supply information on the Chino TP-U series temperature checker. With the Covid-19 Virus still lingering on it is still an advantage to make sure that all your employees and customer are safe entering your business. The TP-U series is designed to not be intrusive in the day to day function of your business.

TP-U is a body surface temperature measuring unit that installs 2000 pixels thermal imaging sensors. It quickly measures the body surface temperature and if detects the alarm point temperature (ex. 37.5°C) then the failure lamp ignites. Install at employee entrance, customer entrance, school entrance, crowded facilities, etc, and the unit simply checks for fever.

The TP-U units have many features but the standouts are: Measures body surface temperature in just 3 seconds. Easy operation and self check by confirming standby, good and failure lamps. Hygienic due to non -contact measuring. Prepared for stand-alone operation. Exclusive application software. Universal power supply, 100 to 240VAC. Autocorrect: screen function provided. Manual correct: Manually set offset adjustment of measuring temperature.