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Temperature checks for fever with Thermal Imaging

Only Thermal Picture ImageLock down is nearly over and Businesses are having employees returning  to the work place.  Most Companies have strategies in place for the return of their staff but may not have considered Temperature Checking for Fever. Pyrosales has been assisting businesses to purchase the right Thermal Imaging Camera for their companies volume of employees requiring testing, their price range and on-site technology. Purchases of thermal imaging devices to protect against possible Covid-19 infections could well be considered under the governments increased instant asset write-off, allowing this expense to be fully deducted.

A thermal imaging camera can be used for a broad range of applications, across a number of different industries. From fever measurement, heating engineers checking blocked radiators and underfloor heating malfunctions, to production engineers checking their process line equipment is running effectively, thermal imaging cameras provide an instant and contactless diagnosis, that no other technology can offer. The range which most customer have opted for is the Brand Testo with over 50 years of experience in this field, Testo’s thermal imaging Cameras are world renowned as being some of the best in terms of quality and usability. Boasting custom-built lenses, Testo thermal cameras are manufactured in Germany, and so have been constructed with the immaculate build quality associated with German engineering.

With Testo’s New ‘Smart’ Thermal Camera range (Testo 868, 871 and 872) users can now make individual customer reports at the touch of a button, using the Testo Thermography App. The camera’s Smart features make professional standard thermography available for everyone. The measuring instrument for every application, there are hardly any measuring instruments that are as versatile as a thermal imager, they are reliable, user friendly and use current technology. So check the range of thermal imagers Pyrosales have online or contact us to assist in your selection.

When employees return to work businesses should implement known controls as advise by Work Safe Australia, such as good hygiene measures, physical distancing (keeping everyone at the workplace at least 1.5 metres physically apart), workplace cleaning and personal protective equipment rather than only relying on temperature checks. You should also require workers to tell you if they are feeling unwell, including if they have a fever, and require them to go home when they do.Before administering temperature checks: Seek the advice of your public health authority on the appropriate method of temperature checking, equipment, personal protective equipment and control measures required to ensure safe testing. Consult with your workers, and their health and safety representatives, and take their views into account, provide instruction to all workers on the process for temperature checks, including emphasising the importance of maintaining the other control measures. Provide information, training, instruction and supervision, as well appropriate personal protective equipment for workers conducting temperature checks, have strategies/procedures in place for stand down arrangements for employees who register high temperatures.