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Tuesday 03 September 2013
Posted in News by Pyrosales

Gerry Castro

gerry castroOver 22 years ago, Gerry started as a technician in the Pyrosales’ factory. Since then, he has held a variety of positions with the company; the most recent as Internal Sales for NSW and Queensland. 

Before commencing work with Pyrosales, Gerry completed a Mechanical Engineering qualification with TAFE. He worked in sales for a number of companies before being offered a position with Pyrosales in Sydney. As part of the Pyrosales team, Gerry has written operating procedures for the factory, been in charge of quality assurance for manufactured goods, done drafting work for the company, and been an External Sales Engineer. He has also completed an Industrial Instrumentation course to complement his hands-on experience. 

Gerry sees his practical abilities as a major strength in assisting our customers. Where an application requires a sensor to be installed, he can define where is should be located and how it will work for a particular process. His product knowledge and practical abilities are a successful combination in his role as Internal Sales Engineer.