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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Pyrosales

New Logo ImageAt Pyrosales we value the safety and well being of our employees, customers, and suppliers. Currently we are actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and we are implementing our business contingency plans to keep our employees and factories safe. We are adopting the guidelines issued by the government and the Department of Health. We have also implemented measures to reduce the potential risks associated with this virus.

At present our supply chain for material used in our manufacture appears unaffected by the onset of the virus. We are closely monitoring the situation and have a few alternatives for supply should anything change in that regard.

Rest assured as soon as we have any notification that schedules may be affected, we will communicate with you to keep you abreast of the situation.

Iica 1 ImageUnfortunately, we will not have the pleasure of seeing you at the IICA technical exhibitions, we have been just informed by IICA that some shows have been cancelled. Re: IICA Melbourne, Wollongong, Darwin Technology Expos – Cancelled. We will keep you informed when the exhibition will recommence.

When it comes to the Australian essential services, Pyrosales have always worked alongside them before the pandemic. Assisting with supply and manufacture for the Medical Industry, the most common products are the infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of individuals in a quick and accurate manner and thermal imaging devices that can detect variations in temperature of individuals.

Assisting hospitals and private medical businesses, with the supply of refrigeration temperature equipment for medicines, blood, IVF storage and of course food temperature control. we are also working to help aged care facilities to control the temperature of their food and medicines.

Pyrosales continue to assist the essential services by ensuring food plant manufacturers have adequate thermocouples, RKC temperature controllers, temperature, and pressure gauges to maintain food production.

These are uncertain times for all of us, however with strict adherence to the guidelines presented we see no reason for there to be any impact on our ability to provide you with our normal, high level of customer service.

As always, thank you for continued support and trust as we manage through this difficult time together.