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Friday 03 January 2014
Posted in News by Pyrosales

Conax Technologies

ConaxPyrosales are now distributing Conax products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Conax is an engineering and manufacturing company based in the USA. They are a leading supplier of custom-designed and manufactured compression seal fittings, for a wide variety of applications and virtually every industry.

The compression seal fittings use exclusive ‘soft sealant’ technologies that can be designed to seal pressures ranging from vacuum up to 30,000 psi (2067 bars) involving temperatures ranging from -240°C to +1650°C. Replaceable sealants permit repeated use of stainless steel fittings for easy installation and service in the field. When high-density feed-throughs are required, our MHM feed-throughs fit the bill in sealing up to 240 conductors or 120 thermocouple pairs.