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Multi-level switches and their uses

Multi Level SwitchMulti-level switches are a highly specific product. They are custom-designed, being built to our customers’ specifications, and are used for monitoring levels–usually of liquid held in a tank.

To achieve the desired results it is important to know the density and the viscosity of the medium. If the viscosity is thick, then floats are ineffective as they will not slide up and down the stem. Density is another factor that decides the size of the float.

The density of the float should always be less than the density of the medium. If the density of the medium is less than the float then, then the float will sink. Based on the construction, we can monitor specific levels with multi-float level switches or monitor continuous levels.

Custom-made, multi-level switches are made with stainless steel floats, which can be reversed to give either a closed or an open contact on the rising level. The level switches are designed to withstand temperatures of 120°C and pressures of 3000kPag and are available in either screwed or flanged process connections. The standard connections are 1” BSP screwed and 1” table D flanged, however, special threads and flange sizes are available on request.

Floats are 316 SS (stainless steel) and available in 28mm and 50mm diameter. An optional temperature sensor (RTD) or a Microtherm Switch can be incorporated into the assembly if required.

Pyrosales can help you design the correct multi-level switch for your process or application. Contact us for more information.